Baba Ijebu Lotto Result Today| Ijebu Winning Numbers 2023

Nigerian people always welcome any given opportunity to be rich. And trying one’s luck with lottery, gambling and betting has always been prevalent in every society and Nigeria is no different. Baba ijebu lotto result is one of the most searched information in Nigeria both online and offline. The numbers are drawn every day for certain types of lottery at fixed hours. Betters gather around that time to claim their prize.

What is Baba Ijebu lotto?

It is the most popular national lottery in Nigeria. Gaming magnet Sir Kesington Adebukunola founded Premier Lotto Limited which is popularly known as Baba ijebu. The most plausible reason for its massive popularity is that it has many playing options. This is why anyone above 18 years of age can participate in this lottery. After their participation, they wait for the baba ijebu lotto result.

Rules of Baba Ijebu lotto

The initial rule of playing baba ijebu is quite simple. You have to pick 2 to 5 numbers from 1 to 90. There are few different plays – NAP, Perm, 1Bank, and against.

For NAP, you can pick up to 5 numbers. For example, if you pick 4 and 17 with N50 and draw announces the number 4-17-56-83-92, you win 40 times the amount of money you had bet.

The higher you stake, the riskier this game is. But you also win the highest amount if you win.

Perm, as the name suggests, you have to select desirable numbers with a permutation of up to 10 lines. For example, if you play perm 3 and choose 5 numbers, when you win, you will win 2,100 x the lines you have matched with the announced draw.

In 1Bank, you select only one number from 1 to 90. Input a single stake and the winning amount is 960x the single purchase you have made.

Against play is a little complicated. There are top and bottom numbers. The number matched with top will be multiplied with the bottom numbers. That will give the number of lines. The winning formula is: (Number of winning lines) x (number of stakes per line) x Prize multiplier.

Baba ijebu Lotto result 2024

Baba ijebu Lotto result is announced everyday at some fixed times from Monday to Saturday. Each day a certain type of plays’ draw is made and announced. You can either know about the draw from an agent or you can search online. Business list is a reliable website which publishes the drawn numbers instantly after the announcement. If you have an online baba ijebu account, the lotto becomes very convenient. You can keep track of your bets, cash, and withdrawn money very easily through the website.

Final Thought

Baba ijebu lotto is certainly an exciting and widely played lottery. But you have to keep in mind that at the end of the day it is just a game. Baba ijebu Lotto result is just luck. This game certainly brings you money but that is heavily dependent on luck for prediction doesn’t work in baba ijebu. We hope you have now understood this Nigerian lotto game clearly.


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