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JAMB examination 2024 was a monumental exam year. A record number of 1.9 million candidates have sat for the exam. And the exam was also conducted online for the first time due to the pandemic. The exam was held from 14th March to 4th April 2024. The JAMB result 2024 has been published on 7th June 2024. The official statistics of the JAMB result 2024 is not out yet but more students have passed this year than before.

JAMB Result 2024 Release Date

It is the most Popular Question that when will the JAMB Result will Publish. Till now, a lot of People ask us about the JAMB Result release date. Here is a simple knowledge (Basic concept) available that’s you may know that the public Exam Result Release within the 90 days of Exam Started or 60 days after completing the Exam. Just count the 60 Days from the Exam finish date and find out the Result Publish date yourself.

Check Your JAMB Result Online

Joint Admission Matriculation Board Result Published

Check JAMB result 2024 with only registration number

The AMB result 2024 has been published and now available online. Students can also check their results through SMS. To check the JAMB result 2024, you only need the registration number. Here are the steps to find out the result:

  1. First of all, you have to go to the JAMB result checking portal –
  2. Enter your 10 digit JAMB registration number.
  3. Click on ‘Check my results’.
  4. Once the result is ready, the portal will load and show your result.

Check JAMB Result 2024 through SMS

By using the same number the candidate has registered for the JAMB exam 2024, he/she can check the result. Type ‘Result’ and send it to ‘55019’. If there is no issue with the result, a message stated ‘Dear Mr./Miss X, your result is as follows..’ . If the result is withheld, the candidate will receive a ‘Result Withheld’ message. If the candidate’s result is given the benefit of doubt, the person will receive the message ‘Result withheld pending the upload of clarifications/documents required from you’. If a candidate gained unauthorized access to the exam hall, a message stated ‘Invalid Entrance into the exam hall’ will be sent.

The option of printing the result wherever the internet is available has also been made. And it will be free of cost. However, it was strictly advised that the student print the result personally and not let any 3rd party print the result.

Changes in JAMB 2024 and JAMB result 2024

Due to the recent outbreak of Corona virus, few things have changed in this year’s JAMB examination and JAMB result 2024 publication. Firstly, this is the first time in 42 years of JAMB history that the examination will be held completely only through CBT centers and Cybercafes. Around 700 CBT Centers were accredited this time for holding the JAMB examination.

This year’s cut off mark for public universities was 160, 140 marks for private universities, and 110 for polytechnic institutions. A record number of 1.7 million students have sat for the JAMB test. Out of them, 2906 students have scored over 300, 57,579 students have scored between 250 and 299, 366,757 students have scored between 200 and 249, and 99,463 students scored over 100 to 139 marks. Overall, the JAMB result 2024 is significantly better than in 2018 according to the registrar of the JAMB.

Due to irregularities and malpractice, 34,120 students’ results have been withheld. And a total of 15,145 students have their results withheld for further clarification. A case of one student registering 23 times for a single exam was also found. Up to 195 cases have been recorded for various malpractices.

About JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board)

JAMB examination, short for Joint Admission Matriculation Board examination is Nigerian national examination for tertiary-level institutions. The result of this exam determines the fate of prospective Nigerian undergraduate students. Every year, JAMB UTME is held around the month of February and March and goes on for a month. Every candidate is allowed to select 4 subjects according to the degree they want to pursue at the undergraduate level. The total score range is 400, each subject carrying 100 marks.

Before proceeding to the main examination, candidates sit for mock tests which are held a month earlier than the main JAMB examination. This works as a prediction for the actual exam result of how many students will pass and how much will be the highest mark. This also allows the students to make a guess about their performance and how much they need to prepare for in order to get into their chosen university. A well JAMB result will be an added advantage while choosing the right university.

Students are advised to enter their respective exam hall at least an hour before the start of the examination. Every year, the minimum cut-off marks to get into public, Private, and polytechnic universities change. Each test is held for 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Different types of malpractices are also quite prevalent, enough to make it into one of the most discussed topics during the exam season.

Final Words

This year has been extraordinary for all the candidates due to the outbreak Corona virus. The JAMB Result 2024 has been outstanding considering the difficult situation. We would like to offer each and every one of the candidate’s heartiest congratulations. All the best for your undergraduate studies!


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