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Afghanistan’s national university entrance examination Kankor’s 1st round has started from Sunday, 14th June 2024. Kabul Kankor Exam Biometric Schedule announced (1402/2024) . This year, a total of 250,000 candidates are sitting for Kankor 1402. Due to the detection of systematic cheating, Kankor 1402 Afghanistan was discarded earlier. Students have expressed their satisfaction that this year’s question was easier than in previous years.

Kankor Result 1402 Publish Date

Since there is a coronavirus effect everywhere, there will be an impact on the result publication system and date. It is expected that the Kankor result 1402 Afghanistan will be published a month after the exam ends.

About Kankor Exam Afghanistan

Kankor exam is Afghanistan’s national examination for 4 sectors. Those are – University exam, Teacher’s teaching quality assessment, Diploma exam, and Private exams. Kankor 1402 Afghanistan is this year’s entrance examination for Afghan high school graduates. This year, the exam will take place in 5 rounds. Usually, the exam starts from the 2nd week of February and ends in the month of June.

There are 160 multiple questions in the Kankor exam and the total score is 360. Students are accepted into universities based on their results in the Kankor exam and the fields they chose to study at the undergraduate level. The candidates for the Kankor exam are growing exponentially every year. Female candidates are also increasing at a remarkable rate, considering Afghanistan’s arid mentality towards female education. 40 percent of this year’s Kankor participants are women. This is certainly monumental.

Kankor Result 1402 download

How to check Kankor Result 2024 Afghanistan?

The exams are taken on all the subjects that are taught in high school. Based on the subjects candidates choose, they get selected into relevant fields of study in higher education from the 5 fields they had chosen during the registration for the Kankor exam. There are 100 fields of studies in higher education and a student can choose up to 5 fields for advancing their studies at the undergraduate level. No matter which subject you choose, you can easily check your Kankor Result 1402 Afghanistan by following below procedures:

  • First, go to the official website of the exam result portal.
  • Now, enter your Kankor ID or Name.
  • Then, press the get result option and you will get your result in a moment.

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Kankor Exam Score’s significance

Top scorers of the Kankor exam are highly celebrated in the country and by their families. This heightens their possibility to get into the universities they want.  Afghan students can also obtain scholarships based on their Kankor results with a recommendation letter. This allows the Afghan students to study in top-ranked universities around East Asia. Considering the continuous unrestful situation in the country, it is an excellent opportunity for Afghan youth who wish to study further and aim to be specialists in respective fields.

Delay in Kankor Result 1402 Afghanistan

This year’s Kankor exam’s result will be published later than in earlier years. Usually, the Kankor exam takes place from February to June and the Kankor Result 1402 Afghanistan is published in August, a month after all the rounds of the exam have taken place. Recently, everything was rescheduled and a biometric registration system was introduced to every exam hall to prevent any illegal activities.

The ministry of Higher education is predicting that 141,000 out of 250,000 candidates will be able to continue to higher studies. The students have claimed that this year’s question was easier. So the candidates can expect a better result and expect desired placement in universities.

Final Words

Due to some demoralized students, this year’s exam has been rescheduled again. Students are sitting for Kankor for the second time, which may be stressful and daunting. However, based on the students’ feedback from the 1st round, examinees can relax a little. We wish you all the best for your Kankor Result 1402 Afghanistan!


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