Phil Hughes Cause of Death (Autopsy Report) What Happened?

How Did Phillip Hughes Die?

The Phil Hughes cause of death is still a shocking incident to the cricket lovers. On that day, Australian cricket lost its valuable member. And the world was devastated after losing such a young talent.

But do you know the story in its entirety? If not, let’s go over everything about this tragic accident.

Phil Hughes Cause of Death

Phillip Hughes was only 25 when he lost his life in the tragic accident. It was a mistake and it’s a very rare and freakish mistake.

He was hit by a bouncing ball that caused his death. The hit caused a cerebral hemorrhage and he fell off immediately on the field. He was rushed to the hospital afterwards, but

Sean Abbott was the bowler, and it was not an intentional hit by any means. However, that was a fatal accident that took the life of the beloved Australian cricketer, Phil Hughes.

How Did He Die?

During the match in Sidney, Phil Hughes was the batsman and Sean Abbott was the bowler.  The accident took place in the mid-game.

Phil Hughes died of a high-bouncing ball that hit the side of his neck. The ball was measured to have a 135 Kmph speed and he was unable to dodge or pull himself.

Once the ball hits his neck, he immediately lost his consciousness. Then no doctors or treatments were able to treat him and he never gained consciousness again. After 2 days in the hospital, he finally took his last breath in the hospital’s bed.

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What Happened 

Sean Abbott’s bounce ball skidded on the ground pitch and hit on the side of his neck, right under the helmet. The hit was a fatal hit and he fell unconscious after the hit.

In the meantime, the authorities rushed him to the hospital. But no treatment or surgery could bring his consciousness back and the situation was only getting worse. And on 27 November 2014, Phil Hughes died at St Vincent’s hospital. That incident took place in Sidney.

His funeral took place on 3 December 2014, and many crickets came there to show love and respect to the lost gem. Also, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was also present at the funeral.

Autopsy Report of Phil Hughes

The Autopsy report of Phil Hughes concluded in a minuscule misjudgment. That’s completely accurate as there was no intention of harming Phil Hughes when Sean Abbott bowled that bouncer at him.

That was apparent that the incident was not intentional. In fact, it was a rare accident and no one is telling it otherwise. It was definitely one of the most tragic accidents in the cricket world, and everybody has accepted that fact that Phil Hughes is was indeed a great man and he will be respected forever by all.


That was the story of Phil Hughes’s tragic death. It’ll be forever reminded of the most heartbreaking moment of the cricket world, and he shall be remembered for the rest of eternity.

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