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Top 10 Most Racist Countries 2024 in the World

The top 10 most racist countries will surprise anyone with their daily practices of racism. Even though most of the world is free of that curse already, these countries are far from free. They continue to spread the hate and there seems no sign of stopping.

We have made a list where you can out the 10 most racist countries. That will uncover a lot about the worst parts of the world for you. So, let’s check it out without any further ado.

Top 10 Racist Countries

Below, there’s the list of 10 of the most racist counties with a short background of each country. Make sure to read the whole thing to get a deeper look into this messed-up part of the world.

  1. India

No other country is as racist as India. In that country, racism is even treated as normal, and there’s no punishment for it whatsoever. There is over 2000 ethnicity, which is fascinating on its own. But that diversification lost its beauty and turned into a poison for the whole nation because of racism. It’s the #1 racist country in the world for that reason.

  1. Lebanon

Next up, we have Lebanon on our list, which is another horribly racist country. They don’t welcome and treat people of all colors, and that’s a huge problem. The African people have described Lebanon as one of the most racist countries in the world. Their hate practices should be stopped as soon as possible.

  1. Bahrain

Bahrain is the next racist country on our list. Racism towards migrant workers is just intolerable in this country, and that’s a horrible thing. And what’s even more terrible is that the condition is getting worse day by day. If that doesn’t stop, the country will never be able to move forward, and that’s a fact.

  1. Libya

Libya has had a horrible record of racism for a very long time. Now, it’s undoubtedly worse than ever. They are showing no mercy and being racist to a large group of people in their country. And there’s little to no hope that they will get treated well in the upcoming future.

  1. Egypt

If you’d like to know which country has the worst of racism, it has to be Egypt. There’s war, crime, racism all the time in that country. And they treat the refugees in that country in the worst way possible. Also, their behavior towards the migrants is only getting worse by the time. Egypt is likely to become the worse racist country in the near future.

  1. Philippines

Most people think that Filipinos are super friendly people and therefore racism is the farthest thing from their reality. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, the racism rate in the Philippines is increasing alarmingly as time goes. If that goes for any longer, it should not take long for the whole nation to suffer the consequences.

  1. Kuwait

In Kuwait, human rights seem like it doesn’t exist. The women of that country are treated very insignificantly, and that type of racism has been there for years. And the worst part is that they don’t show any sign of stopping racism. This country has serious human rights issues, and that’s why it makes it to our list of the most racist countries.

  1. Palestine

Racism and racial discrimination is the core problem of Palestine at this moment. It’s causing a major issue that is causing the whole nation to suffer from various troubles. If you take out all the political stuff from this country, the racism aspect will still cause it to stay in misery.

  1. South Africa

You might think that after all these years South Africa is free from all racism. But that would be a huge misunderstanding on your part. This country is still very racist, and that even makes it to our list of top 10 countries that are the most racist. So, you can draw a conclusion based on this fact.

  1. South Korea

Despite being super strict about the laws, South Korea is getting racist by the day. That’s mainly because the immigrant count is increasing, and the locals don’t see that as a good thing. So, racism is increasing towards them alarmingly, which is not a good thing. And that’ll cause a lot of problem in the future for sure.

Final Words

Racism is undoubtedly one of the most disgusting traits of a human being. It’s the poison that hinders the growth of a whole nation, and it must be stopped at all costs as soon as possible.

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