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Top 10 Biggest Chicken in the World

The Jersey Giant is the largest and tallest chicken breed in the world. It was developed by the Black brothers and is known for its massive size.

Giants were bred from crosses of Orpingtons, Javas, and Langshans, making them the largest chickens bred in America. If you’re looking to add the biggest chickens to your flock, consider the Jersey Giant, along with other giant breeds like the Brahma, Plymouth Rock, and Orpington.

These giant chickens can be a fascinating addition to any poultry enthusiast’s collection.

1. Jersey Giant: The Massive Chicken Breed

Top 10 Biggest Chicken in the World

The Jersey Giant is the largest and tallest chicken breed in the world. Developed by the Black brothers, it was originally called the Jersey Black Giant. Giants were bred from crosses of Orpingtons, Javas, and Langshans, becoming and remaining the largest chickens developed in America. They have a stately and imposing appearance, with an average size and weight that surpasses other breeds.

Average size and weight of the Jersey Giant:

Size Weight
Tall Up to 2.5 feet
Heavy Up to 13 pounds
  • The Jersey Giant is known for its impressive stature and gentle temperament.
  • Despite their size, they are good layers of brown eggs and are well-suited for backyard flocks.
  • They have beautiful black feathers and striking red combs.

2. Brahma: A Majestic Giant

Top 10 Biggest Chicken in the World

The Brahma is a majestic breed known for its impressive size and striking appearance. This breed originated from the United States in the mid-19th century and quickly gained popularity for its notable features and characteristics.

Notable features and characteristics of the Brahma:

  • One of the largest chicken breeds in the world
  • Distinctive feather patterns and colors including light, dark, and buff
  • Feathered legs and feet
  • Docile and friendly temperament
  • Highly adaptable to various climates
  • Egg production is moderate, with large brown eggs

Chicken Breed Height Weight
Brahma Up to 30 inches Up to 18 pounds
Jersey Giant Up to 26 inches Up to 15 pounds
Orpington Up to 24 inches Up to 10 pounds
Cochin Up to 20 inches Up to 11 pounds

3. Orpington: The Big And Beautiful

Discover the majestic Orpington, one of the top 10 biggest chickens in the world. This beautiful breed is known for its impressive size and is a must-have for any chicken enthusiast.

Introduction to the Orpington chicken breed
The Orpington chicken breed is known for its big and beautiful appearance. It is one of the top 10 biggest chicken breeds in the world. Originally developed in the late 1800s in England, the Orpington chicken has gained popularity due to its size, weight, and attractive plumage.
Size and weight specifications of the Orpington
The Orpington chicken breed is considered a heavyweight breed. The average weight of a male Orpington chicken is around 10-12 pounds (4.5-5.4 kilograms), while the females weigh slightly less at 8-10 pounds (3.6-4.5 kilograms). The Orpington chickens have a large and solid body structure, making them one of the biggest chicken breeds.
Benefits of owning an Orpington chicken
Owning an Orpington chicken can come with various benefits. Firstly, their size makes them great for meat production. The Orpingtons have ample breast meat and are known for their flavorful meat. Additionally, these chickens are also good layers, producing around 180-200 eggs per year. The Orpingtons are known for their calm and friendly temperament, making them suitable for backyard enthusiasts and families with children. Their beautiful feather colors, including black, blue, buff, and white, add aesthetic appeal to any flock.

4. Cochin: A Fluffy Giant

Cochin chickens are known for their unique physical features and have gained popularity among chicken enthusiasts. These fluffy giants boast a gentle temperament and are loved for their feathered feet and a profusion of feathers covering their entire body. Cochin chickens come in a variety of colors and are recognized for their sheer size and weight. They are considered to be one of the largest breeds of chickens in the world.

Due to their impressive appearance and docile nature, Cochin chickens have become highly sought after. They are often kept as pets or exhibition birds. Their gentle, friendly, and patient demeanor makes them a favorite among children and backyard chicken keepers. Not only are they visually appealing, but Cochin chickens also lay a decent number of large brown eggs, making them a practical choice for those who want both beauty and utility in their flock.

5. Australorp: Noteworthy Giant Breed

The Australorp is a noteworthy giant breed that ranks among the top 10 biggest chickens in the world. With its impressive size and strong build, it is a popular choice for those looking to add a grand presence to their flock.

Top 10 Biggest Chicken in the World
5. Australorp: Noteworthy Giant Breed
Description and background of the Australorp chicken
The Australorp chicken is a notable giant breed known for its impressive size and characteristics. Developed in Australia, this breed has a fascinating history. Originally created by cross-breeding Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, and Minorcas, the Australorp chicken gained popularity for its exceptional egg-laying abilities and size. With a sleek and black Feathers” onclick=”;” onkeypress=”;” style=”color: rgb(17, 85, 204); cursor: pointer; text-decoration-line: none; font-size: 14px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);”>feather color and a close resemblance to its Orpington ancestors, the Australorp stands out in any flock. When it comes to size and weight considerations, the Australorp can grow to be quite substantial. Incredibly, roosters can reach weights of up to 10 pounds, while hens can weigh around 8 pounds. This makes the Australorp one of the largest chicken breeds in the world. Not only are Australorps big in size, but they also excel in egg-laying capabilities. With the potential to lay upwards of 250 to 300 brown eggs per year, these chickens are a popular choice for those seeking a productive and sizable poultry addition to their flock. In conclusion, the Australorp chicken is an impressive and noteworthy giant breed, with its size, weight, and excellent egg-laying abilities setting it apart in the world of chickens.
Top 10 Biggest Chicken in the World


6. Plymouth Rock: A Sturdy Giant

6. Plymouth Rock: A Sturdy Giant

The Plymouth Rock chicken breed is known for its notable characteristics and sturdy temperament. They are medium to large-sized chickens with a broad body and well-developed breast. These chickens have a single comb and feathery legs. Plymouth Rocks are known for their docile and friendly nature, making them excellent for backyard flocks.

One of the major benefits of raising Plymouth Rock chickens is their excellent egg-laying capability. They are known to lay a significant number of brown eggs throughout the year. These chickens are also hardy and adaptable to various climates, making them suitable for both warm and cold regions.

7. Appearance And Size: Comparison Of Giant Chicken Breeds

Factors to consider when choosing the largest chicken breed Pros and cons of owning a giant chicken breed
  • Space availability: Ensure you have enough space to accommodate the large size of the chicken
  • Feeding requirements: Giant breeds may have higher food consumption
  • Temperament: Some giant breeds can be aggressive
  • Egg-laying capacity: Consider the breed’s egg production if you want a steady supply
  • Health considerations: Certain giant breeds may be prone to specific health issues
  • Impressive size and appearance
  • Potential for larger meat yields
  • Good for showcasing or exhibitions
  • Can be visually striking in a backyard flock
  • May have a calm and docile personality

When it comes to the biggest chicken breeds, some popular choices include the Brahma, Jersey Giant, Plymouth Rock, and Orpington. These breeds are known for their impressive size and unique appearances. The largest chicken breed in the world is the Jersey Giant, which can reach towering heights. However, it’s important to consider various factors when choosing a giant breed. Space availability is crucial, as these chickens require ample room to move around. Feeding requirements should also be taken into account, as giant breeds may have higher food consumption. Additionally, consider the breed’s temperament, egg-laying capacity, and any specific health considerations. Owning a giant chicken breed has its pros and cons. On the positive side, these chickens can be visually striking, good for showcasing, and may have a calm personality. They also offer the potential for larger meat yields. However, some giant breeds can be aggressive, and their impressive size may require extra care and attention.

8. Record-breaking Chicken: The Tallest And Largest

If you’re interested in the biggest chickens in the world, look no further! One of the record-breaking chicken breeds known for its enormous size is the Jersey Giant. This breed holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest and largest chicken. Its name says it all – this chicken is truly giant in size! Developed by the Black brothers, the Jersey Giant was initially known as the Jersey Black Giant. It was created by crossing breeds such as Orpingtons, Javas, and Langshans. Since then, it has remained the largest chicken breed in America.

Speaking of size, you might be wondering just how big these chickens can actually get. Male Jersey Giants can reach impressive heights, standing taller than most other chicken breeds. The tallest chicken ever recorded was a Malay Game chicken, measuring an astounding xx inches tall. These chickens are truly a sight to behold!

In addition to their size, there are some interesting facts about these record-breaking chickens. While the Jersey Giant is known for its impressive size, it is also a breed recognized for its gentle nature and docile temperament. Despite their large size, they are known to be friendly and calm birds, making them a popular choice among chicken enthusiasts.

9. Unusual Chicken Breeds: Smallest And Biggest Eggs

Top 10 Biggest Chicken in the World

When it comes to chicken breeds, there is a wide variety in terms of egg size. Some chicken breeds are known for laying eggs of smaller sizes compared to others. One of the breeds with the smallest eggs is the Malay Game. These chickens are known for their small eggs, but they make up for it with their unique temperament and impressive height.

The Guinness World Record for the largest chicken egg ever laid is held by a chicken named Harriet. Harriet, a Brahma chicken, laid an egg that measured an astounding 10.4 inches in circumference. This extraordinary feat earned Harriet a place in the record books and made her an instant celebrity among chicken enthusiasts.

Chickens with unusual egg sizes, whether big or small, have captivated the attention of chicken breeders and enthusiasts alike. These unique chickens bring an element of surprise and wonder to the world of egg-laying animals. From tiny eggs laid by bantam chickens to giant eggs laid by certain heritage breeds, each chicken has its own unique way of contributing to the variety and charm of our feathered friends.

10. The Price Of Giants: Jersey Giant Chicken Price

Are you looking for the biggest chickens to add to your flock? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 biggest chicken breeds in the world. One of the most notable breeds is the Jersey Giant, known for its immense size and imposing presence. As the largest and tallest chicken breed on Earth, the Jersey Giant is truly a giant among chickens. But what factors influence the price of these magnificent birds?

The price of Jersey Giant chickens can vary depending on a few key factors. Firstly, the average cost of purchasing these birds can differ from region to region. Additionally, the quality of the birds, such as their lineage and breed standard, can also affect the price. Finally, availability and demand play a significant role in determining the cost of Jersey Giant chickens.

If you’re looking for affordable Jersey Giant chickens, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Firstly, consider purchasing from local breeders or farmers, as they may offer more competitive prices compared to larger suppliers. Additionally, attending poultry shows or events can provide opportunities to connect with breeders and find affordable options. Lastly, joining online forums or groups dedicated to poultry enthusiasts can broaden your search and provide valuable insights on where to find reasonably priced Jersey Giant chickens.


If you’re in search of the biggest chickens to add to your flock, look no further than the Brahma, Jersey Giant, Plymouth Rock, and Orpington breeds. However, the undisputed largest and tallest chicken breed in the world is the Jersey Giant.

Known for their massive size, these chickens are sure to make a statement in any backyard or farm. So, if you’re looking for a chicken that will truly stand out, consider adding a Jersey Giant to your collection.

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