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Top 10 Coldest Country in the World

The top 10 coldest countries in the world, based on annual mean temperatures, include Antarctica, Russia, Canada, Greenland, Mongolia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden. Living in extremely cold countries can be a daunting challenge, yet these nations have adapted and thrived in their unforgiving climates.

From the icy landscapes of Antarctica to the frozen tundras of Russia, these countries experience some of the coldest temperatures on Earth. We will explore the top 10 coldest countries in the world, delving into the unique characteristics of each and examining how their citizens brave the extreme weather conditions.

From the remote wilderness of Greenland to the serene beauty of Sweden, these nations offer a glimpse into the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit in the face of extreme cold. Discover the coldest corners of the globe and the remarkable people who call them home.

Top 10 Coldest Country in the World


Antarctica: The Ultimate Cold Frontier

Antarctica: The Ultimate Cold Frontier takes you on a journey to the coldest country in the world, with its freezing temperatures and icy landscapes. Discover the top 10 coldest countries and learn how people survive in these extreme conditions.

Top 10 Coldest Country in the World

Average Annual Temperature: -49°c

Antarctica, known as the coldest country in the world, is a vast continent covered in ice and subject to extreme climate conditions. Its unique geographical features and harsh environment make it a challenging place for human habitation and research activities.

With an average annual temperature of -49°C, Antarctica experiences frigid temperatures throughout the year. It holds several records for extreme cold, including the lowest recorded temperature on Earth at -89.2°C. The continent’s remote location and distance from other land masses contribute to its cold climate.

In addition to freezing temperatures, Antarctica boasts unique geographical features such as ice shelves, polar ice caps, and towering glaciers. These natural wonders attract scientists and researchers who brave the cold for exploration, studying climate change, and discovering new insights into Earth’s history.

Due to its harsh conditions, human habitation in Antarctica is limited to research stations operated by various countries. These stations provide shelter, food, and support for scientists and their teams, allowing them to conduct experiments and gather data in this extreme environment.

In conclusion, Antarctica stands as the ultimate cold frontier, with its average annual temperature of -49°C and unique geographical features. Despite its extreme conditions, it remains an important hub for scientific research and a testament to human curiosity and determination.

Russia: A Land Of Cold Extremes

Coldest Country Average Annual Temperature
Russia -20.3°C

Russia is a land of cold extremes, known for its bone-chilling winters and frosty landscapes. With a vast territory spanning diverse climate zones, it is home to some of the coldest regions in the world. The average annual temperature in Russia is -20.3°C, making it one of the top contenders for the title of the coldest country. Siberia, a region within Russia, is particularly famous for its tales of freezing temperatures and severe weather conditions.

From the icy expanses of Antarctica to the frigid reaches of the Arctic Circle, there are several other countries known for their extreme cold climates. While these countries may not have the same average annual temperature as Russia, they still experience extremely low temperatures.

Whether it’s the barren landscapes of Iceland, the frozen tundra of Greenland, or the snowy plains of Canada, these countries offer a glimpse into the breathtaking beauty and harshness of the coldest places on Earth.

Canada: Embracing The Cold

Canada: Embracing the Cold – Discover the top 10 coldest countries in the world, with Canada renowned for its freezing temperatures. From breathtaking snow-covered landscapes to epic winter sports, Canada embraces the cold with a wealth of experiences for the adventurous at heart.

Top 10 Coldest Country in the World
Heading: Canada: Embracing the Cold
Subheading: Average annual temperature: -5.6°C
Canadian winters and their impact on daily life Canada experiences cold winters that have a significant impact on daily life. With an average annual temperature of -5.6°C, Canadians have adapted to the cold climate and have various strategies to cope with the freezing temperatures. From wearing layers of warm clothing to using heating systems, Canadians are well-prepared for the winter season. The extreme cold can affect transportation, especially in remote areas where heavy snowfall can make roads and highways difficult to navigate. However, Canadians embrace the cold and engage in winter activities such as ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding.
Cold climate regions and popular winter activities Canada is known for its cold climate regions, particularly in the northern parts of the country. Popular winter activities include ice fishing, dog sledding, winter hikes, and snowmobiling. These activities allow Canadians and visitors to enjoy the beauty of the winter landscape while embracing the cold. The country also hosts winter festivals such as the Quebec Winter Carnival and the Winterlude in Ottawa, where people come together to celebrate winter with various outdoor events and attractions. Despite the challenges that cold weather brings, Canadians find ways to make the most of the winter season and appreciate the unique experiences it offers.

Other Coldest Countries

These are the top 10 coldest countries in the world based on their annual mean temperatures. Find out how people survive in these extreme conditions. Antarctica is generally considered the coldest country, with its vast ice-covered landmass. Is Canada colder than the USA?

Discover the differences in temperature between major cities in these countries.

Greenland: Freezing in the Arctic Greenland is known for being one of the coldest countries in the world due to its location in the Arctic. With temperatures commonly dropping below freezing, it is a place where the cold is a constant companion. The icy landscapes and snow-covered terrain make it a challenging environment to live in.
Finland: Winter Wonderland with Saunas Finland experiences long and cold winters, with temperatures often reaching below freezing. Despite the cold, Finland is renowned for its beautiful winter wonderland scenery, including stunning snow-covered landscapes and frozen lakes. One unique aspect of Finnish culture is the tradition of saunas, where locals can warm up and relax.
Mongolia: The Land of Eternal Blue Sky and Frigid Temperatures Mongolia is a country known for its extreme cold temperatures. With its continental climate, winters in Mongolia are long and can be extremely frigid. However, even in the freezing cold, Mongolia boasts breathtaking landscapes and the unique phenomenon of the “Eternal Blue Sky,” where clear, blue skies can be seen even in the depths of winter.
Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice, Chilled to the Bone Iceland, despite its name, experiences chilly temperatures year-round. Known as the land of fire and ice, this Nordic island nation is characterized by freezing temperatures, fierce winds, and icy conditions. It is a place where you can experience the beauty of glaciers, ice caves, and surreal landscapes.
Norway: Snowy Landscapes and Northern Lights Norway is known for its snowy landscapes and beautiful northern lights. With subarctic and Arctic climates, the country experiences harsh winters with significant snowfall and extremely cold temperatures. But, despite the cold, Norway offers stunning natural beauty and the chance to witness the magical aurora borealis.
Sweden: Scandinavian Cold with Deep Snow Sweden, like its Nordic neighbors, experiences a cold climate with deep snow during the winter months. With temperatures dropping below freezing, Sweden embraces winter with activities such as skiing, ice skating, and winter festivals. It is a country where you can experience the true essence of Scandinavian winter.
Kazakhstan: Subzero Plains and Frozen Steppe Kazakhstan, located in Central Asia, is characterized by vast subzero plains and frozen steppe regions. Winters in Kazakhstan are known for their bitter cold temperatures, with freezing winds and heavy snowfall. It is a place where the cold dominates the landscape and shapes the way of life.

These countries are among the coldest in the world, offering unique experiences in their freezing climates. From the frigid Arctic of Greenland to the snowy landscapes of Norway and Sweden, each country has its own charm despite the extreme cold. Whether it’s witnessing the magical northern lights or embracing winter activities, these countries allow you to explore the beauty and resilience of life in cold climates.


These are the top 10 coldest countries in the world based on their annual mean temperatures. Antarctica, being almost entirely covered in ice, is considered the coldest country. Surviving in such extreme conditions requires resilience and careful preparation. Canada, known for its cold climate and geographical factors, often experiences colder temperatures compared to the USA.

Understanding the coldest countries in the world helps us appreciate the diversity and challenges faced by people living in these regions.

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