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Top 10 Tennis Players 2024 in the World (Super list)

If you want to get thrilled by a tennis match, then you should definitely watch a game where one of the top 10 tennis players is playing. They never disappoint to give a great game to the audience.

But who are the top 10 players when it comes to Tennis? Below, we have come up with the list of 10 of the best tennis players after doing intensive research on their performance, trophies, achievements, and other past records.

Top 10 Tennis Player 2024

Let’s check out who are the top 10 players in the game of tennis right below where we even cover details about each player as well.

1. Rafael Nadal

It’s impossible to talk about the best tennis players and not talk about Rafael Nadal. This man is a living legend that earned over 88 career titles in his lifetime and the number is very likely to keep growing. Also, he’s one of the richest tennis players in the world as well.

2. Roger Federer

When people talk about the best tennis player, the name of Roger Federer pops up in mind before anything else. He won over 103 titles, and he hasn’t stopped playing, which means that he’s very likely to keep earning more awards as he plays more matches.

3. Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has won 20 Grand Slam singles for his incredible performance in the world of Tennis games. He rose as the best player when the whole game was dominated by the two legends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. He surpassed these legends and proved that he’s the best tennis player in the game.

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4. Rod Laver

Rod Laver was banned for five years and could not play any tennis match in that period. However, he still managed to win over 11 Grand Slam titles, which is just fascinating. He also made his way to the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1981 and that’s one of the biggest achievements for any tennis player.

5. Serena Williams

When it comes to female tennis players, Serena Williams is the #1 player without any doubt. She is also very popular in the sports world and she definitely has more fans than any other female tennis player. She’s still actively delivering some of the best matches for the fans to this day.

6. Margaret Court

Margaret Court has the most career titles for a female tennis player, which is whooping 192! And among them 24 were Grand Slam singles wins, which is record that’s not been broken by any other female tennis players. She’s the true tennis legend that retired from tennis in 1977.

7. Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras was considered as the #1 world tennis player by the ATP even the fact that he was only active for 24 years. In that small period, he managed to win 14 Grand Slams and 64 career titles in total. That’s an incredible achievement for any tennis player.

8. Bjorn Borg

Speaking of players who retired early, Bjorn Borg only played pro for 10 years. In that period he won 101 career titles and 11 Grand Slam titles, which is fascinating considering the fact that he retried at the age of 26.

9. Ivan Lendl

Most tennis lovers will recognize Ivan Lendl as he’s easily one of the best tennis players to ever exist. He won 144 career titles and 8 Grand Slam singles titles in his career, and that tells you why he’s the best in his field.

10. John McEnroe

Finally, we have John McEnroe, who won 105 career titles and 7 Grand Slams and made his place to the top 10 list. He definitely deserves this love as his performance was super impressive and entertaining for the audience. So few players could achieve what this great tennis player has done in his career.

Last Words

That was our list of the best of the best in the world of tennis. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this list and you’ve got some insights on each of the players as well.


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