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As broadband internet is now commonly available, users can easily watch TV on live servers instead of watching it in the traditional way. And CTGTV is one of the popular servers for live tv channels. You can watch almost all national and many international channels on CTGTV live server.

We will discuss how you can watch all TV channels live on this server and what you need to do to watch those channels. Without any further due, let’s get started.


As we have mentioned earlier, the world of televisions is changing rapidly. Instead of watching channels on television sets, people are now more into watching those channels on their smartphones or computers.

If you have a broadband internet connection, you can easily watch almost all TV channels in Bangladesh. But your internet service provider needs to have a BDIX or FTP server to provide you with that facility.

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How To Watch CTGTV Live?

CTGTV is one of the most popular BDIX live tv servers in Bangladesh. But unfortunately, you can’t watch CTGTV live so easily. If you are connected to this server through your internet service provider, only then you can watch CTGTV live.

If you are a broadband internet connection from such an ISP, you just need to go to this link. You will get to watch all the TV channels here

Live TV Server

CTG Live TV Server

This server is full of interesting TV channels from home and abroad. You will find channels of all types for entertainment, news, movie, etc. If you have a broadband internet connection and your ISP is connected to this server, you can easily enjoy live streaming of channels without any buffering.

But if you don’t have that opportunity, you might not be able to enter the server. You can search for other BDIX TV channels too so that you can get a list of BDIX servers. Keep trying to enter the server that is connected to your ISP. This can be a good way of getting a valid live tv server.

CTG TV Channel List

As we have already mentioned, there will be different types of channels in the CTGTV live server. We’ll organize them into categories so that you find your desired channel faster. Here you go.

Sports Channel

Liver tv servers are most commonly used for watching sports. You will find sports channels like TSports, Start Sports, ESPN, etc. on this live tv server where you can enjoy national and international matches.

Entertainment Channel

For watching movies or other entertaining programs, you will find channels like HBO, Discovery, National Geographic, and a lot of other channels on the live server.

News Channel

Along with Bangladeshi news channels, you will get to watch international channels like BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, etc.


This is all about CTGTV live server. The only catch between you and watching this live tv is you need to have a broadband connection from a certain ISP. If you have that, you are good to go.


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