Top 10 Free Scholarship 2024 For International Students

Higher study aspirant’s worst nightmare can be the tuition fees of their desired educational institutions. Many people aim to become a world-renown scientist or educator but often times dreams are shattered just because of the exorbitant expenses one has to bear for higher studies in a different country. Here are the top 10 free scholarship for foreign graduate students.

Top 10 Free Scholarship 2024

We have analyzed different free scholarships all over the world. After going through deep research, we have listed the top 10 free scholarship programs offered by different countries. Below is the list of the free scholarship programs for you to try:

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1. Fulbright Scholarships (USA)

This scholarship is granted to the students who want to do their masters or Ph.D. in the United States of America. Under this scholarship, a student gets full funding during his or her stay in the states. This scholarship also pays for university tuition, books, living expenses, health insurance, and even airfare for travel. US government awards this scholarship to brilliant minds from 155 different countries.

2. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EU)

This is one of the most famous top 10 free scholarships. it not only helps students to pursue higher study, but it also helps youths to train, and gain experience in their study-affiliated sector. This scholarship is granted by the European Union and the budget is €14.7 billion. With this scholarship, one can train under their desired research associates; work on research organizations, private businesses, and educational institutions. Students of all ages can apply for this scholarship.

3. Chevening Scholarships (UK)

British government awards this scholarship every year to 1000 extraordinary foreign students from 130 countries. This scholarship includes free tuition fees, living expenses, monthly stipend or allowance, international travel (from and to the UK) expenses for the student doing their postgraduate studies.

4. The Monbukagakusho Scholarship (MEXT) (Japan)

This is a great scholarship for students who want to study in Asia and to experience the Japanese culture first hand. This is among the top 10 free scholarship in the world. The Japanese government sponsors the living expenses, air fail, tuition cost, and even pays extra allowances. This scholarship is awarded to students pursuing undergrad, master, and post-graduation studies. The prerequisite of this scholarship is to have basic proficiency in the Japanese language and apply it through your countries embassy.

5. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme (France)

Foreign students who want to pursue higher studies in France can apply for this scholarship, as this scholarship is given to Masters and Ph.D. students. With this scholarship, a student gets living expenses, air fail, cultural activities, but not the tuition fee.

6. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students (Switzerland)

The scholarship takes care of monthly allowance, tuition fees, health insurance, and lodging allowance for students of doctoral or postdoctoral research. The students get to study in publicly funded extraordinary Swiss institutions and have their thesis cost covered by the government. Researchers from different academic backgrounds can apply.

7. DAAD Scholarships with Relevance to Developing Countries (Germany)

Another top 10 free scholarship is The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship. This scholarship is aimed to help the stunning academic minds of postgraduate study. This scholarship helps students from developing countries to study at any German university. DAAD scholarship also assists foreign young professionals from Africa, Asia, Pacific Islands, Central, and South America, and Central and Eastern European region who are working in Germany.

Knowing the German language is one of the strongest prerequisites of this scholarship. The scholarship supports selected programs with a variety of full or partial scholarships for international students’ professionals.

8. Australia Awards Scholarships (Australia)

This scholarship is specially granted to exceptional students from developing countries of the Indo-Pacific region. This scholarship pays for masters and post-graduate students who are studying in any Australian Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institution. This scholarship is not available for areas related to flying aircraft, nuclear technology, or military training.

9. New Zealand International Scholarships (New Zealand)

Students dreaming to pursue a full-time study in any New Zealand educational institution or pacific institution can apply for this scholarship. This will pay for the living allowance which is NZ$491 per week, an extra allowance of NZ$3000 for other expenses, medical insurance when the student is in New Zealand, travel( to and from New Zealand), research and thesis cost. Students from any developing country can apply.

10. Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University (China)

This is a university-specific scholarship for students with brilliant leadership skills. The main objective behind this exchange program is to allow students to compete in this century’s challenges and professional field. This is a one-year master’s program and pays for living expenses, air fail, tuition cost, health insurance, study tours even laptops, and mobile phones for the student.

Final Word

For the students from a developing country, a higher study in a developed country can be a lavish dream to attain. Many gifted students often fall short to meet the financial requirements of a famous educational institution. The top 10 free scholarship mentioned above helps thousands of such students every year.


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